Another amazing review!

Angels of the Night: Discovery (taken from Goodreads)

Thanks Missy!

When I started this book, I noticed that there are many draws that snag you from the very beginning. Obviously, the first one you’ll see is the cover. It’s absolutely stunning. Then, if you’re like me and you want to know what the book is actually about.. the synopsis will come next. And if that doesn’t grab you, then the opening scenes will. If I didn’t think that I was hooked into Angels of the Night: Discovery to begin with, then the first chapter definitely seals the deal. It adds a level of intrigue that isn’t necessarily all revealed then, but it’s something that gets trapped in the back of your mind through the rest of the story. BIG plus for starting things off with a bang.

After the initial opening chapter, the story slows down just a bit as you’re introduced to Allison, her life and all of the characters that follow. The first thing that I absolutely fell in love with when it came to Allison was the fact that, yes, she’s a teenage girl in high school but that in no way makes her an immature, damsel-in-distress type that we see in so many other stories where the main characters are high school students. Her personality is pretty kicking, her actions and reactions are genuine to her character, and everything about her screams that she’s a great female lead for the story. Overall, I think my favorite part of Allison is her interactions with Darcy and Thane – it’s all completely believable and there’s chemistry there that draws you to those scenes more than anything.

While we’re on the subject of the brothers… wow. Twins but polar opposites, yet you’re still drawn to both in the story. I remember reading somewhere a comparison of Darcy and Thane to Louis and Lestat of Anne Rice’s novel Interview with the Vampire – and I can totally see it. There’s the dark and brooding, then the one who’s trying to hold on to a little of his humanity. Though that’s as far as the comparisons go because Darcy and Thane are most definitely their own persons – err, well.. vampires, actually.

The story is really character-driven, especially with the interactions between the brothers and Allison, but it’s definitely not short of its own plot to drive the story as well. Angels of the Night: Discovery is full of history, romance, betrayal and let’s not forgot what makes most good mysteries in a story – secrets, secrets, secrets.

If I had to say anything critically about this story, I would say that I find it did drag a little in spots (definitely not many!) and the POV-switching was a little confusing.. but neither was enough to deter me from the story in the least. The writing is nothing short of great, hooking you with wonderful storytelling and a great cast of characters to boot. It’s a definite recommendation for all of the paranormal lovers out there. You definitely won’t be disappointed.


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