Author Interview: Pippa Jay

Hang onto your seats and please help me welcome Pippa Jay author of Gethyon. The title of the book was the first thing to grab my attention.


1)      What was the inspiration for Gethyon? I love that title!

        I have to admit, it was mostly down to falling in love with Star Wars as a pre-teen, and especially a certain Tatooine farmboy. But also I’d just written a scifi romance that hadn’t included a lot of tech, and I had an urge to write something with more advanced technology, planet hopping and spaceships!

2)      In Gethyon who is your favourite character and why?

        I have a soft spot for my sassy, deadly little bounty hunter Jinx. She’s feisty and dangerous despite her small size, and although we don’t learn much about her in this story I feel she has much more to tell us yet.

3)      Who is your least favorite character and why?

        Oh, Dephon definitely. He’s the representation of all the bullies I ever encountered at school, so he isn’t meant to be liked anyway, but even writing him made me shudder.

4)      Dephon sounds like a difficult character to work with – not someone most of us would like to meet. Tell us an interesting or fun fact – or a few – about  Gethyon.

        Okay, the description of the young Gethyon was based on my middle child, who was the same age at the time of writing and who is also part of the inspiration for the story. Also, I wrote Gethyon so my kids could read it (if they wanted to). I don’t consider them old enough to read some of my other works yet, but the older two are bookworms and curious about what I write.

 5)      Do you ever experience writer’s block? How do you work through that?

         Hmm, I don’t think of it as a block exactly, more kind of a silence from my muse. Usually I find listening to some music, flicking through some images on a stock photo site, watching a film or reading a book can help. Sometimes going to sleep thinking about the bit I’m stuck on helps. But the ultimate cure that I’ve found is doing housework!

 6)      Are you a plotter or a pantser?

          Total pantser. I don’t write linearly either, so my writing process is extremely chaotic.

 7)      What are your ambitions for your writing career?

           To have lots more books out and lots of happy readers. That’s it pretty much in a nutshell.

 8)      What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

         I do freestyle street dance to keep fit, enjoy needlework (especially making scifi costumes), read, listen to music,       spend time with my family and friends, play guitar (very poorly), and mess around with graphics for mock book covers.

 9)      Do you have any advice for other writers trying to get published?

        Mainly read, write and research. Especially research. Not just to get facts straight in your writing, but when looking at agents or publishers, or whether you should look at trad, small press or indie publishing for your work (look at Preditors and Editors for advice, and the Absolute Write forums). Also never give up!

 10)   Can you share an excerpt of your current work? Why did you select this particular section to share?

        Oh, this one which shows Gethyon and Jinx having a run in, since I already mentioned how much I love Jinx. Also because it features Gethyon’s spaceship, and I really enjoyed writing this scene.



The back of his neck prickled. He rubbed at it but the feeling continued, like some sharp-clawed insect creeping up his neck. Irritated, he rubbed harder…and then stopped. He knew that feeling. He remembered it. A sour taste in the mouth, a shadow at the edge of his vision…

He dove into the pilot’s seat head first, slapping the manual seal to close the canopy as he did so. A thump shook the craft and he turned to find Jinx perched on the canopy, her face pressed to the glass as she hissed her frustration between jagged teeth. The all-black eyes stared down at him, bright red hair spiked around her savage face, and he shuddered involuntarily, pushing himself back into the seat. His heart thundered. A moment longer and she’d have caught him, exposed and unprotected, though he had no idea how much defense the metaglass canopy would be.

Jinx clearly recognized their impasse. A growl reverberated even through the thickness of the metaglass pane before she grinned. Gethyon drew a sharp breath. If Jinx was smiling, it couldn’t be good.

The bounty hunter dropped from the front of his ship and vanished. Gethyon hesitated, then levered himself upright. She surely can’t have just given up.

She reappeared in an instant, something silver clutched in her right hand that she drove into the canopy. It punched a hole deep into the metaglass, fractures splintering across the surface. Damn it! Emergency breaker! Part of the kit for breaking out an injured pilot, the stave-like metal tool Jinx wielded would smash through the canopy in moments if he let the bounty hunter have her way. Gethyon scrabbled for the controls and fired up the plasma coil engine with a roar.

The engine screamed as the craft strained against the holding clasps while Jinx hammered relentlessly on the canopy. Spider-web cracks multiplied and spread across the metaglass as sirens blazed and the hysterical voice of a hangar technician screamed at Gethyon to close down his engine. He tried to shut them out while his craft shuddered under the pressure. He laid his hands against the side of the craft and shoved a tendril of telekinesis into the ship, forcing it downward into the landing feet. It twined its way into the docking clamps, sparking through the circuitry until the clamps snapped open, and the Spirit Drifter rocketed upward in a mad spin. The motion tossed Jinx from the canopy but threw the craft hard against the ceiling.

The impact tossed Gethyon across the tiny cabin and onto the forward controls, punching the air from his chest, before the craft dived back toward the hangar floor. Gethyon grabbed desperately for the control grips and pulled her up in time to scrape the craft’s underside along the floor in a trail of sparks and the horrible sound of tortured metal. The Spirit Drifter spun again, careered into the side wall and rebounded off before screeching to a halt.

Gethyon released the control grips and sucked in a breath that sent daggers of pain spearing through his chest. Groaning he fell back into the Memorphorm seat and let it cradle him as he raised a shaking hand to the ache in his face. Damn, that hurt!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Pippa! For a sneak peek at Gethyon, check out the book trailer.

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