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Keeper of the Gate

by Paula Kennedy

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Angels of the Night: Discovery Excerpt

In celebration of my recent re-write of the first book in the Angels of the Night series, I’d like to post an excerpt. Enjoy everyone!!

The shadows have always followed me. Out of the corner of my eye I would see transient movement or dark shapes and for the longest time wanted to believe the shadows were a part of my imagination. As the years passed with their eternal presence I came to wonder if they were more real then perhaps I was. I denied the darkness that followed but it was there, ever vigilant, stalking me in every facet of my life. The day I found out the shadows were real was sort of liberating. I wasn’t losing my mind, well, not yet at least.
My father had always been a member of the Free Masons and it never seemed strange that he went to meetings every week because it was something he always did. I kind of stopped noticing when he would disappear like one of my shadows.
Oh, and The Free Masons limited membership to men. My father had even said they were the oldest known fraternity, thousands of years old. But you know what? I was okay with that because I really didn’t care what a bunch of old guys were talking about in their “secret” meetings. I imagined a room full of hunched over old geezers with their pants pulled too high and the scent of onions on the air. The whole secret society thing was a joke until I found out what these men were really meeting about. I would soon eat my words, no pun intended.
The day my father asked me to become a member was the day the shadows stopped hiding.

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