Keeper of the Gate: Excerpt

I was recently asked which part of Keeper of the Gate was the most difficult to write. After some debate, and without giving away too much, I decided it was when Anna secretly follows Devin one day, determined to get answers. She does get the answers she wants but ends up witnessing something horrible that changes her forever. The torment Devin endures for Anna really tears at my heart and it was difficult to see him suffer.

“Please, Father.” Devin looked up at him, body shaking uncontrollably as he pulled his arm from the old man’s grip. “I must continue. If I do not. . .” he paused, head wavering as though he were going to pass out. The old priest moved forward but Devin held a bloodied hand up and boomed. “No! Stop! Do not assist me.” Silence. I held my breath as he continued. “If I do not show penance, I will not be able to stay here. She needs me, until she is strong enough to come back to us.”

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Angels of the Night:Divinity Excerpt

To continue my obsession with Divinity tonight, I have to share an excerpt I just read and absolutely LOVE!! This reveals some of the technical ‘scientific’ explanation of vampirism in the Angels of the Night series. As a reader of vampire books my entire life, I have always wanted to know the ‘how’. How do they move so quickly? How do they regenerate once injured? The use of neutrinos, because they are largely unknown particles, offered a way to ‘explain’ these phenomena.

Enjoy all! I have edited for language.

Angels of the Night: Divinity
Champagne Books

I sat up slowly and looked around the empty field we were in. There was no snow in this vast area but the temperature felt well below freezing. “What the he-hell was that? Wh-what happened?”
Thomas appeared out of nowhere then, hands tucked into his pockets. His forehead was crinkled in concern. “You should have heeded Jonas’s warning, Allison. It is imperative you stay still while he is moving around the neutrinos.”
Jonas continued to curse as he paced with his hand on his shoulder.
“What was that…” I searched for the right word and hugged myself to stay warm. “What was that star thing?”
Jonas was in front of me then and leaned so close I could feel the heat from his body. “That star thing was a f…… neutrino. A few more inches and it would have cut right through your head.”
I cringed away from Jonas’s anger and thought back to a conversation Darcy and I had had about these neutrinos. “Darcy said they pass right through things, though. Why did it hurt you?”
Jonas stood and looked around, exasperated. The high moon glinted off the fresh blood pouring down his arm. “Yes, yes. Normally they pass through solid things because they can move between our cells but when we’re shifting with them their mass changes. We borrow their energy and they clump together in an effort to maintain it.” He peeled his fingers away from his injury. “When they’re clustered together like that they become too large to fit between our cells.” He swore again and kicked a large boulder that went flying out of view. I covered my ears when he leaned close and yelled in my face. “But why do I even need to give you an explanation? I tell you to stay still and that’s what you’re supposed to do! I’m tempted to just leave you here.” Gesturing toward Thomas he spit, “You know what? Tell Darcy we’re even. You take her the rest of the way. Screw you both.”
And then to my absolute horror he disappeared. I was shivering violently now from the cold and Thomas wrapped his jacket around my shoulders before taking me in his arms. He was warm and I pressed against him gratefully although it did little to thaw my frozen limbs.
Shivering into his neck I asked. “What are we going to do now?”
“I’m not sure.”
“C-.can you t-.t…” I stopped and let a violent shiver out before trying to speak again. “Can you try to move?”
Thomas looked down at me and frowned. “I am not certain I can move you across this field let along half way across the country.”
Tears boiled up from my stomach and I buried my face in his neck. “What are we going to do? I’m f-freezing.”
Thomas stroked my hair. “There is a farm house not far from here. I will take you there. Hopefully someone can assist.”
“No.” I sat up quickly and he frowned. “Y-yes to the farm house. I meant what are we going to about the Masons? I’m going to get in some m-major sh-sh….t now and will never be able to see Darcy again.”
Thomas shook his head his eyes going between both of mine. “Do not worry about that now. Our first priority is ensuring you don’t freeze to death.”
I melted into Thomas again happy to get to whatever farm house he had seen. He started running and the wind chill threatened to freeze me to death. “St-stop!” I managed through frozen lips. “You can’t run. It’s t-t-too cold.”
Thomas slowed and adjusted me in his arms before continuing forward. We were halted by a voice.
“God you’re both pathetic.”
My heart soared. It was Jonas. I jumped from Thomas’s arms and ran across the jagged frozen earth nearly falling twice. Knowing full well what I was going to do, a perk of being able to read someone’s thoughts, Jonas smiled and opened his arms as I jumped into them.
“I missed you, too, baby. Let’s not fight anymore.”

Narcissistic Book Love

Tonight I’m suffering from something I wasn’t aware existed until I became an author. Tonight I confess to you my dear readers I’m suffering from narcissistic book love – did I spell that right? What, exactly, is narcissistic book love you ask? Well, this problem arises when you have written something that is absolutely amazing and you are completely in love with. There, I said it! As I try and work on the third book in the Angels of the Night series I keep getting sucked back into Divinity because I need to ‘check’ something. The first incident happened when I couldn’t remember what the name of the night club Allison and Robert went to in New York. You’re shocked, I understand completely because I often wonder this myself – How could the person who wrote the bloody story forget the name of anything in it?? Well…it happens! I’m sure I’m not the only one! At any rate, I had to go back to Divinity and check the name only to discover it was the Prophet – ah yes! That’s right, now I remember. Well, my reading didn’t stop there. I had to continue reading because the writing was just so damn good! Hell, two chapters later I’m still reading and the third book is screaming for me to come back but I CAN’T!!

So beware authors new and old, beware of narcissistic book love! For everyone else….join me as finish reading Divinity….AGAIN!