Narcissistic Book Love

Tonight I’m suffering from something I wasn’t aware existed until I became an author. Tonight I confess to you my dear readers I’m suffering from narcissistic book love – did I spell that right? What, exactly, is narcissistic book love you ask? Well, this problem arises when you have written something that is absolutely amazing and you are completely in love with. There, I said it! As I try and work on the third book in the Angels of the Night series I keep getting sucked back into Divinity because I need to ‘check’ something. The first incident happened when I couldn’t remember what the name of the night club Allison and Robert went to in New York. You’re shocked, I understand completely because I often wonder this myself – How could the person who wrote the bloody story forget the name of anything in it?? Well…it happens! I’m sure I’m not the only one! At any rate, I had to go back to Divinity and check the name only to discover it was the Prophet – ah yes! That’s right, now I remember. Well, my reading didn’t stop there. I had to continue reading because the writing was just so damn good! Hell, two chapters later I’m still reading and the third book is screaming for me to come back but I CAN’T!!

So beware authors new and old, beware of narcissistic book love! For everyone else….join me as finish reading Divinity….AGAIN!


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