Keeper of the Gate: Excerpt

I was recently asked which part of Keeper of the Gate was the most difficult to write. After some debate, and without giving away too much, I decided it was when Anna secretly follows Devin one day, determined to get answers. She does get the answers she wants but ends up witnessing something horrible that changes her forever. The torment Devin endures for Anna really tears at my heart and it was difficult to see him suffer.

“Please, Father.” Devin looked up at him, body shaking uncontrollably as he pulled his arm from the old man’s grip. “I must continue. If I do not. . .” he paused, head wavering as though he were going to pass out. The old priest moved forward but Devin held a bloodied hand up and boomed. “No! Stop! Do not assist me.” Silence. I held my breath as he continued. “If I do not show penance, I will not be able to stay here. She needs me, until she is strong enough to come back to us.”

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