Keeper of the Gate Review

I love reading reviews like this!! Thanks to Sabrina over at Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace! Pop in and check out some of the other fun stuff she has going on over there.

Jan 08, 2015 Sabrina rated it 5 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of anything that Paula writes. She has a way with words that will have you feeling as if you are in the story itself going through everything that her characters are and Keeper of the Gate is no exception.

This is one of those rare books where you love everything about it from the storyline, characters, and the world itself. And trying to put into words just how much I loved it without spoiling the book has been extremely hard because I could just go on and on about how amazing everything is so I am going to just touch on a few things I loved starting with Anna herself. Anna has become one of my favorite heroines. When her dormant power starts to surface along with her secret identity she handles it well because I know if it was my destiny I don’t think I could handle it. I should say without giving too much away Anna doesn’t really know herself or remembers what she is and Paula does a really good job of explaining this in the story so to fully understand Anna you need to read this book. Another reason I love this book is Devin. He is just amazing! I have a huge crush on him. He plays a big rule in Anna starting to find out just who she is by the closely guarded secrets he has. And if you thought you had family issues wait until you meet Devin’s brother. But to know more about Anna, Devin, and what secrets they are hiding you have to read Keeper of the Gate. But know that this is not a paranormal romance. It’s a dark twisted horror story that is beautifully written as only Paula Kennedy could have done. And I am waiting impatiently for more and since I love this book so much I am giving it 10/10 Bloody Fangs


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