Some angels deserve to die!

Welcome!!! Enjoy this snippet from the first book in the Angels of the Night series. Book three should be complete very soon. Get ready to sink your fangs into the third installment and read book 1 and 2.

Angels of the Night: Discovery Some angels deserve to die!


After several jolts, he set me down and I could feel the warmth of the rough shingles under my feet. I opened my eyes. We were on the upper portion of roof on a section that was indeed not sloped as severely. The view was breath-taking and I grabbed Darcy when I almost lost my footing. Smiling again, he wrapped a strong arm around my waist and helped me sit down. Leaning away as he moved in beside me, I tucked my hair behind my ears and cleared my throat uncomfortably.
“Thanks,” I said sheepishly. Looking up to the stars, I was amazed by the millions of tiny pinpricks that twinkled overhead. “Wow. It is beautiful out here.”
Without taking his eyes off my profile, he said, “Yes, it is.”
I blushed deeply and looked over at him. “Why did you really come, Darcy?”
“I wanted to make sure you were okay after what happened this afternoon.” I jumped like my heart rate when he gently touched my jaw. “Is your cheek okay? I wish you hadn’t run from me.”
Shrugging I pulled away from him again and picked at the bumps on the shingles. “I’m all right. It’s just going to take some time to get used to everything. You know? Imagine you were me.”
He nodded. “Yeah. I get it.” Leaning back, he put his hands behind his head. “I can wait. Time is endless for me.”
I stared at his shadowed form, considering his words before laying down beside him. My heart beat faster but I wasn’t sure it was from fear anymore. “I love looking at the stars.”
“Me too,” he said quietly. Like icy fingers, I could feel him in my head then, pulling energy and I closed my eyes.
“How does it feel? You know, when you’re in my head?”
The pain stopped abruptly and he looked over sheepishly. “I’m sorry, Allison. I guess I should give you some kind of a warning.”
“No, I don’t care that you’re in there.” I shrugged, wondering if I’d said that right. “But how does it feel when you take the energy? You know, how do you feel?” I studied his profile as he stared in to the blackness overhead.
“It’s like water rushing over my brain. My mind is sharper, I feel stronger and my cravings…” He paused and looked at me out of the corner of his eye. “My—my cravings are lessened.”
“Oh,” I said. “Th….that sounds really nice.” Mention of his cravings set my heart racing again. I took a deep breath.
“It is,” he whispered.

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