Review: Built by Jay Crownover

I absolutely loved this book! If there weren’t so many other books in my to-be-read pile, I’d read it again! From the hot cover, to the steamy scenes in between, and satisfying last page, it was all amazing and highly recommended to lovers of contemporary romance.

Zeb is such a great character and I totally fell in love with him. Although he’s this massive, muscled, ex con who works with his hands for a living, he’s got a gentle way about him and approaches life with a passion that made my heart race. There should be more ‘Zeb’s’ in the world! The way he feels about his son completely melted me and I loved to see this giant man humbled by a five year old. I looked forward to his chapters and would have been happy to read the entire novel from his p.o.v. Crownover has a gift of making you want more, and I was up way too late some nights because I just couldn’t put it down.

Sawyer is a flawed character who put up a lot of road blocks as Zeb pursued her – this frustrated the hell out of me! In the end, though, it comes together and we find out why Sawyer struggled to accept Zeb’s affection and love. Although Sawyer grew up in a tough environment, and you’d think she’d be horribly judgmental, she’s not scared away by Zeb’s criminal past or the rough exterior he presents.

Overall a fantastic read. Jay Crownover has a gift that will leave you wanting more. Five stars!

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Some angels deserve to die!

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Angels of the Night: Discovery (Book #1)

Angels of the Night: Divinity (Book #2)

Angels of the Night: Deception(Book #3)

Some angels deserve to die!