Review: Riot by Jamie Shaw

Review: Riot by Jamie Shaw

Before I start my review, I need to admit something. Joel Gibbon is my first official rock star book boyfriend! There! I said it! *fans self* I completely fell in love with him in Riot! Since I finished this book, I’ve been going through some serious withdrawals. I loved Adam from the first book in this series, Mayhem, and didn’t think it would be possible to top him, but Joel totally blew me away. There’s a passion, and in contrast a callous disregard, that made me totally bonkers. Damn it, Joel!

And this cover?? Amazing!




Ahem. On with the review. Dee, Rowan’s best friend whose story we read in Mayhem, is completely infatuated with Joel Gibbon from The Last Ones to Know. But he’s not going out of his way to impress her and she’s getting pretty frustrated. Dee turns on the ‘charm’ to try and get Joel to pursue her, but he’s not falling for it – at least not right away. The chemistry between Dee and Joel is electric and at some points in the book, the best way to describe their encounters was with a ‘Wow – just wow’! There were so many times I was swooning and loving Joel and Dee but also many points when I was so ticked off it took all I had to not throw the book across the room. As I wrote in one of my updates on Goodreads, “I’ve never read a book that made me growl so much!! Arrgghhhh…Joel and Dee frustrate the h*ll out of me!” Dee shows a vulnerable side and takes a chance opening her heart to Joel, the total ladies’ man who has a new girl, or two, hanging off him every night, and their smoking hot relationship morphs into something sweeter. I love the development of Dee and Joel’s relationship and felt every heart ache right along with them.

Overall I give Riot a 5 out of 5 stars. You need to read this book! Even if you haven’t read Mayhem, which you really should, you absolutely need to read Dee and Joel’s story!

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